Amsterdam rappers detained to prevent armed conflict, prosecutor claims


Three rappers from Amsterdam were arrested late last week on suspicion of planning an armed conflict. They have now been released. Based on multiple social media posts, the Public Prosecution Service believed a disagreement between the rappers over a gold chain would soon turn violent.

According to NOS, the three rappers involved are Bigidagoe, Chivv and Shaquille.

The men were arrested on charges of planning an armed robbery, making threats, and possession of a firearm. “In the shadow of the social unrest and the potential escalation in which gun violence is a possibility the police and public prosecution have decided to detain the three men”, the Public Prosecutor said in a statement to NOS.

A judge ruled it no longer necessary to keep the rappers in custody. They have now been released, but their case will remain open. For the coming months, all three have been forbidden to enter the city of Amsterdam by the municipality.

Last August, Bigidagoe was gravely injured in a shooting in Amsterdam. Shortly afterward, the house of Bigidagoe’s mother was also a target of gun violence. No one was injured in the incident.